Miller Harris: Scherzo x Tender Activation

Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night, Scherzo and Tender are two new Miller Harris perfumes that launched in January 2018.

Press launch event

Unfold London found a fabulous venue on Great Titchfield Street, in which Miller Harris hosted their press launch event for the Scherzo and Tender fragrances.


The garden described in Chapter 6 of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is The Night, was given to the perfumers as part of their original creative brief for Scherzo and Tender, and was the muse to which the fragrance notes were created. In light of this, the Unfold London team leveraged their relationship with McQueens flowers, and created a a floral installation at the venue which the press event was held, inspired by the same passage of the book.


In addition to this, Unfold London interviewed McQueens, in which we asked London’s leading florist about the inspiration behind the garden they created, as well as the different scents of the florals that featured. This content was subsequently shared on the social media channels of both McQueens and Miller Harris, as part of the promotion of Scherzo and Tender.

Penguin collaboration

Unfold London managed a collaboration between Miller Harris and Penguin, in order to create as much noise about Scherzo and Tender amongst the book community as possible. The launch was promoted to Penguin’s email database, encouraging their subscribers to visit the sensory experience created by Miller Harris, located at Great Titchfield Street.

Unfold London content

We worked with our very talented photographer, Kevin Sparks, in order to create lifestyle content of the fragrances, Scherzo and Tender, which Miller Harris shared across their social media channels.


We reached out to 15 book influencers for the launch of the two new fragrances, to gather a wider reach for Miller Harris by tapping into the literary community.

Each influencer was gifted both perfumes and a Penguin edition of Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night, to create content for their instagram channel.


Floristry partneRS

Unfold London reached out to two of our floristry partners, McQueens flowers and Honeysuckle & Hilda, for content creation. Our highly creative florists produced floral arrangements inspired by the fragrance notes of Scherzo and Tender, which they captured photographic and video content of.

Bookshop collaborations

What better way to grow the interest in literary-inspired perfumes than to bring the perfumes to the literary community?

We collaborated with several independent and commercial bookshops across the country for the activation campaign of Scherzo and Tender by co-hosting events, featuring in seasonal book bag giveaways and installing pop-up bookshelves in store with samples and scented excerpts to giveaway.